Photography Fundamentals – Checklist of “Must Take” Wedding Photos

Have you ever had friends who are now married but got a bad experience with their wedding photographers? Things like the photographer forgot to take a picture of this or that, missed out some shots of important guests and worst is the photographer wasn’t able to take a picture of the “you may now kiss the bride” moment are just some of the possible things that could make your wedding a disaster.

On your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure your photographer captures every essential detail you worked so hard on. To avoid wedding disasters like what I’ve mentioned above, try helping your photographer by giving him a checklist so that he wouldn’t miss out the important moments you want to be captured.

You can sort your checklist and arrange it in a chronological order. Start by making a checklist of Wedding Photography shots before the ceremony. This checklist may comprise shots like wedding dress lying over a chair, zipping up or buttoning the wedding dress, mother of the bride fastening the bride’s necklace, the bride’s garter and other wedding accessories, bride looking into a mirror, and many others. Just let your imagination and creativity help you complete this checklist.

After the wedding photography shots before the ceremony, it will be followed by wedding photography shots at the ceremony, posed wedding photography before, during, and after the reception. Lastly, don’t forget to make a checklist of wedding photography shots of important guests. Provide your photographer with a seating chart of the guests so that he can easily identify and take their picture. You can fill up this entire checklist by yourself or you can download ready made checklists from the internet. You can also make the checklist of “Must Take” Wedding Photos together with your bride/groom or with your friends and family. Planning your wedding is very important so that everything will run smoothly and fall at the right place.